GRI overview

The GRI Table provides a framework for the information on each sustainability topic identified. Detailed information on sustainability can be found in the annual report, the annual review and related interviews, published themes (including the CSR explicitly) and the many projects that contribute to sustainability in the broadest sense of the word.

For ease of reference, the section in the annual report containing the requested information has been identified (see the ‘Contained in’ and
‘Reference’ column).

The annual review primarily contains examples of projects involving
sustainability and CSR aspects. Furthermore, there is a separate CSR chapter that should be read in its entirety. The ‘Status’ column provides an indication of the extent to which information can be found that is useful for obtaining a transparent picture. The status is characterized as ‘Reported’, Partially Reported’, Not Reported’ or ‘Not Applicable’.

The methodology and the content were derived from the internationally and nationally recognized GRI: Global Reporting Initiative ( GRI is an organization with multiple collaborating interested parties that develops globally applicable standards in the area of sustainability reporting. GRI has been a source of inspiration for Heijmans in the area of sustainability reporting for some time now. This is also consistent with Heijmans’ ambitions and internationalization goals.