Heijmans sees the client and his requirements as the starting point for every project. Heijmans realises that this makes projects more complex and requires more bundled knowledge. To meet these requirements, a distinctive approach is needed. In other words:

1. Client-focused advice, development and realisation
Working continuously to achieve a suitable range of products and services. In other words, a range that responds to the needs of the client and offers added value to the client's business.

2. Integrated approach
Creating added value by offering the client an integrated approach. This is achieved through collaboration and coordination between various relevant disciplines. Integrality is the fundamental attitude with which the client can be optimally served. Service and long-term maintenance can form part of this integrated approach.

3. Professional project management
The pre-condition of continuously striving to further improve and optimise the approach; advise; process, risk and contract management; cost management (direct costing); technologies and concepts for design and implementation.

4. Sustainability (People, Planet & Profit)
Development and realisation that takes into account people and the environment, both in projects for clients and in the company's own ecological footprint. Heijmans thus gives social responsibility an economic basis: sustainability can only be effective if it is economically profitable for the client and for Heijmans.